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THANKSGIVING is a Semifinalist at Austin Film Festival!

I’m thrilled to announce my play THANKSGIVING made it to the top 2% of submissions to become a Semifinalist at the 2018 Austin Film Festival! This will be my first year attending and I’m beyond excited for what will be a very overwhelming, action packed four days in one of my favorite cities.  Congrats to my fellow playwrights; I hope to meet you in October!  


I’m absolutely thrilled to perform in my very first storytelling show with SHINE! The theme is “Far and Away” and I’ll be telling the story of my trip to Russia.  Last March I went to St. Petersburg to film a segment for History’s “Project Impossible” and it was THE HARDEST THING I’VE EVER DONE, but it was also the most rewarding. Come out to hear the insanity of my three days filming nuclear icebreaker construction on a shipyard where no other American had ever set foot… until yours truly. 

PROJECT IMPOSSIBLE Airing Internationally on HISTORY

PROJECT IMPOSSIBLE Produced by  Radiant Features  for History  Epic engineering projects, previously impossible. #ProjectImpossible starts tonight at 10pm. — HISTORY UK (@HISTORYUK) March 5, 2018 I'm so excited to announce that PROJECT IMPOSSIBLE is on the air! It's available in a few countries so far and will air on HISTORY in the U.S. in a couple months. I could not be more proud of this series. I traveled around the world, shooting in ridiculous weather at terrifying heights in locations with the highest levels of security imaginable to capture the most exciting engineering projects on the planet. Who gets to say that?! I feel so lucky to have been a part of this, one of the many people who poured themselves into these impossible segments and figured out how we were actually going to pull them off from prep to post. It was heartbreaking to wrap this season but I'm so grateful for the new friendships and the AMAZING stories I'

Around the World in 2017

2017 brought me to SIX amazing new cities! I’ve seen things I never thought I would see –  nuclear icebreaker construction at a Russian shipyard where no other Americans have ever set foot  – tasted things I never thought I would taste –  sheep’s head jelly, suckling pig cooked in a 300-year-old oven –  and experienced the holiday season like no other –  drinking gluhwein on the river, watching New Years’ fireworks over a castle!  I pushed myself to the physical limit lugging gear and shooting in the cold, in the rain, in the snow, very long hours on very little sleep. I spent some of the longest hours of my life in airports, on airplanes, in customs… All completely worth it to experience these wonderful places and immerse myself in these amazing cultures!  I’m so grateful for last year’s opportunities and I’m excited to plan more adventures in 2018! Looking at you Germany, Singapore, Sweden…