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PROJECT IMPOSSIBLE Airing Internationally on HISTORY

PROJECT IMPOSSIBLE Produced by  Radiant Features  for History  Epic engineering projects, previously impossible. #ProjectImpossible starts tonight at 10pm. — HISTORY UK (@HISTORYUK) March 5, 2018 I'm so excited to announce that PROJECT IMPOSSIBLE is on the air! It's available in a few countries so far and will air on HISTORY in the U.S. in a couple months. I could not be more proud of this series. I traveled around the world, shooting in ridiculous weather at terrifying heights in locations with the highest levels of security imaginable to capture the most exciting engineering projects on the planet. Who gets to say that?! I feel so lucky to have been a part of this, one of the many people who poured themselves into these impossible segments and figured out how we were actually going to pull them off from prep to post. It was heartbreaking to wrap this season but I'm so grateful for the new friendships and the AMAZING stories I'